Paula Fulghum

Chief Innovator

(864) 451-7809

About Us:

After 12 years of service, innovateHR is one of the largest human resources technology firms based in SC, managing HR for clients with employees in 38 states! We LOVE small business and no client is too small!

We partner with insurance agencies to support clients together, with all things HR. We DO NOT sell employee benefits, which makes us highly unique in the HR management and payroll space. We help safeguard our partner agencies from HR & payroll competition, also trying to sell benefits.

Let us help you help your clients and retain them! Please contact Paula Fulghum at or (864) 451-7809 for more information!

We work with small to businesses from a wide range of industries including finance, retail, health, construction, manufacturing, IT, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, professional services, and many more.