Leadership Academy

$850 registration

Looking to provide professional development for your staff or looking to grow personally in the insurance market… this six month program is for you. 

The SCAHU Leadership Academy provides a six month intensive program from October to March. Individuals will receive professional coaching, an opportunity to build a small network of peers with those in the program, and education sessions that will provide a comprehensive base knowledge of insurance complexities. This program is intended for insurance agents and account managers that are new in the market or are looking for growth opportunities within their organization. 

The Academy’s goal is to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of the insurance profession as well as receive personal coaching on leadership development by national presenters Andy Neary and Ryan Miller. 

The Academy is designed to train the next generation of health insurance agents and account managers. Attendees will meet monthly for six months rotating between an in person meeting with education and lunch, and a virtual meeting with the Leadership Coach. 

The Details

October – In person 4hr education program – 3 CE

November – Virtual 1 hour Professional Coaching with Andy Neary/Ryan James Miller

December – In person 4hr education program – 3 CE

January – Virtual 1 hour Professional Coaching

February – In person 4hr education program – 3 CE

March – In person Profesional Coaching at SCAHU Symposium and Graduation


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