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The SCDOI has requested SCAHU’s help…

By May 18, 2017Member Update

Attention SCAHU Members:

Your help is needed! 

Recently, the Christian Ministries Health Program, Medi-Share, has been reaching out to brokers through general agents or other representatives trying to get agents to represent this program.  Some of these emails and phone calls give the appearance that this program is an insurance product.  They are using words such as “premiums” and offering to pay “commissions”  if you place business with them. 

This is a concern not only to this association, but also to the South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI)

We, as an association, have been asked to provide the SCDOI with copies of any marketing materials we have been sent on this plan that ask for representation of the plan – especially those that mention premiums and commissions.  In addition, if we will give an account of received phone calls from representatives of the plan, it would be helpful. Finally, the SCDOI is asking for the contact information of  any individuals we are aware of who have left traditional insurance plans to go with this plan; the SCDOI would like to interview them and ensure they were given an accurate picture of the plan.

It is not our intention to limit the availability of this program in our state, but only to ensure their representatives are marketing this in a fair and accurate manner.  We also want to ensure that if they are acting as an insurance plan, that they are regulated as such. 

If you have any correspondence, or any information you would like for SCAHU to share with the SCDOI, please forward it to me so I can provide it all at once to the SCDOI. 

Thank you for your help, 

Mark C. Riley, RHU

SCAHU Legislative Chair

803-404-5970  Office

803-240-2258  Cell